Allway Cloud Affiliate Program. Earn money with us.
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Allway Cloud Affiliate Program
Are you a Webmaster, Blogger, IT Consultant or Power User?

Do you want to earn money by referring people to Allway Cloud?

If yes, then join Allway Cloud Affiliate Program.

We pay our affiliates full monthly subscription price for each referred subscriber.

Affiliates can use Affiliate Control Panel to request commissions anytime paid via PayPal.

How it works:
  • You create an Allway Cloud Account and obtain your affiliate id and affiliate links in your Affiliate Control Panel.
  • You tell about Allway Cloud on your website, blog, etc. and place the affiliate links. Alternatively, you can register your users manually using the affiliate links.
  • Users sign up for one of the Allway Cloud Pro plans.
  • The first month subscription fee your users pay to us goes into your wallet.
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