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About Botkind, Inc.
Our name
Botkind, Inc. is a computer technology corporation that researches, develops and supports a wide range of software products and services for computing devices. The corporation was founded in 2009 to research storage algorithms and access methods to various data types.
Our products
The corporation is designing and developing four projects:
  • Allway Sync Synchronization Software - Award winning file and folder synchronization software. It combines bulletproof reliability and an extremely easy-to-use interface.
  • Sync Gateway - OS X based file server allowing to process your MAC data from any Windows based PC with Allway Sync software via local network or internet. Sync the data of PC and MAC by Allway Sync with Sync Gateway.
  • WhoYouAsk Translation Software - It is an on-line workbench where enthusiastic software users translate programs in their native languages. It's also a venue that helps developers and translators meet each other.
  • Allway Cloud - Online Data Storage - It is our online data storage; you can keep your data on our secure internet file storage that gives you access to your files anywhere in the world, at anytime.
Our mission
We can do some things easier than they really are. We work hard to find new and better ways to help you get the information when its needed only for you and with minimal costs for you. You should be able to access all of your data wherever you are.
Our plans
A lot has changed since the first versions of our products appeared. We have grown and expanded our offerings for each of products. But some things haven't changed: our users can use absolutely free our products in their private aims. We accept lot suggestions from our users also and we have a discussion about functionality, simplicity and usability of our products. You can join in our community too.
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