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Allway Cloud FAQ
Why would I use Allway Cloud online file storages?

Allway Cloud is the online data storage that gives you access to your files wherever you go, no matter where you are in the world, what operation system you're using and which computer you're on. No need to carry USB drives or send e-mails to transfer your data. You can think of Allway Cloud service as a virtual USB drive or any other drive that can be used to store and retrieve your files. But with Allway Cloud service you won't care if you lose your drive or forget to carry it with you somewhere because your data is securely stored and always available online.

Do I need to install software to work with Allway Cloud?

No, you don't need to install any additional desktop software. You can access your Allway Cloud data from your favorite web browser running on any computer or even on an Internet-enabled mobile device. However, if you want to use advanced Allway Cloud functions you should install Allway Sync software on your desktop. Please see our manual for details.

How to use Allway Sync software with my Allway Cloud account?

Botkind, Inc develops one of the best file backup and synchronization tools called Allway Sync. Now you can download and use Allway Sync free of charge without any limitations to synchronize local or network files with your Allway Cloud account. We hope you will appreciate how simply and easily you can manage your files such as photos, documents, MP3s, e-mails etc with Allway Sync user interface. If you need more information how to configure Allway Sync with Allway Cloud, please see our manual here.

How do I sync my data between local drives and Allway Cloud storage?

We suggest you to install and use our Allway Sync software. Allway Sync is a universal file synchronization tool, which you can also use to sync your local data with Allway Cloud online file storage. Read more..

How can I backup my local data to Allway Cloud internet storage?

You can use Allway Sync synchronization software to backup your files such as photos, documents, MP3s, e-mails etc, to Allway Cloud secure online file storage. But first please read our recommendations, how to adjust Allway Sync settings Read more..

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